November 2008 Archives

C#: lamer by the moment

To my disbelief, you can’t inherit from generic type parameters in C#. Something like this is currently impossible:

class Foo<T> : T

It’s sad, really, how Microsoft continues to focus on other crap but leaves out basic things like constraint-based overload resolution or simple inheritance. And still no Spec# features.

Låt den rätte komma in

Last night I saw Låt den rätte komma in( Let the Right One In), a Swedish movie about a 12 year old boy who meets a girl vampire who’s been 12 years old for some time. The movie definitely has its badass vampire moments, but its primary focus is the loneliness of being a constant bully victim and the loneliness of being a vampire, and the relationship that forms between the two because of it. It was a very nice movie, if it’s in your area (amazingly, I could only find it in one theater in LA) I recommend you go see it!

One interesting thing I noticed was that nearly half of the Swedish they used appear to be loan words – just English but slightly modified. The person I went with did not notice this, perhaps I did because I’m used to picking up loan words in Japanese. The effect of this was a lot of the time I could comprehend what they where saying without relying heavily on subtitles.